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Bridal Ready Shades

Are you Bridal Ready?

You’ve got the dress. You’ve booked the venue. But have you decided on the perfect bridal mani shade?

Your choice of wedding day polish says a lot about your personality and adds those finishing touches to your dream dress. But with all those people looking at your hands wanting to catch a glimpse of that pretty new ring, you need to make sure you nail your wedding manicure. Here’s our list of do’s and don’ts to ensure you have perfect wedding day nails.

Do stock up on ‘The Shade’

Whether you want to opt for a ‘classic’ french manicure or express yourself with something a little brighter, make sure you stock up on an extra bottle of your chosen colour in case of any wedding day emergencies. If your’e opting for a GelColor treatment in the salon, make sure that you pick up the matching shade in Infinite Shine or Lacquer, when you need to fix a chipped nail fast, you’ll be happy you stocked up!

Don’t Forget your Avoplex Oil

Rich in therapeutic, skin-loving avocado oil, this is the professional way to pamper nails and cuticles. Drop a little bit of oil onto each nail and massage into your cuticles before your photographer takes close-ups of your hands to give nails that extra shine!

Do Maintain Your Nails at Home

Nail technicians are highly skilled and can make your nails look perfect on the day, but it is essential that you look after them at home and put in the prep before! If you have weak nails or you want a little extra help strengthening before your big day, OPI’s top selling treatment, Nail Envy, will be your hero product! Nail Envy provides maximum strengthening with hydrolysed wheat protein and calcium for harder, longer, stronger, natural nails. It even comes in 6 formulas to suit your individual needs and is now also available in 4 shades of nude and pink, which can be worn alone to give nails a subtle glow.


Do Bring Your Own Bottle to the Salon

If you opt for laquer, even if the colour you picked is a salon staple, it’s always good idea to come prepared with your own bottle of polish just in case your color isn’t there on the day or the bottle they have is an old one.Consider the rest of your look before choosing your lacquer. If your dress is very intricate, you may want to opt for a more subtle shade. If your dress is sleek and simple, feel free to go a bit bolder with your lacquer. And your flowers, do you want to match your manicure to the colors of your bouquet? 

Do buy your Bridesmaids matching lacquers

If you have a lot of bridesmaids, it’s often a good idea to ask them to wear a co-ordinating shade. You want their nails to look good as well, pictures last forever afterall! Arrange for them to get manicures the day before and either assign a shade or let them choose from a few different shades that you, as the bride, approve of. One idea would be to gift your bridesmaids with a bottle of your chosen nail polish (so it feels like a fun perk, not a demand)