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New Year Nail Detox

Want to take a New Year break from gel manicures, but don’t want to go bare?

Revive your nails with OPI’s brand new Gel Break professional in-between gel manicure treatment system. The new three-step professional system is designed to strengthen nails if weakened due to improper removal. Enriched with reparative vitamins and minerals, Gel Break serum-infused base coat, sheer color, and protective top coat help restore nail health while always keeping you looking polished.

There’s no need to hide your nails while in recovery, available in three subtle hues to complement all skin tones: Properly Pink, Too Tan-tilizing and Barely Beige.  In just a week your nails will make a comeback!


“The advent of Gel Break brings an exciting new concept to the category, and creates a compelling reason for salon clients to take a short, healthy hiatus from gel manicures,” said Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder and Creative Ambassador. “With Gel Break, there is no need to go bare or to have nails that look anything short of impeccably groomed. Wear our revitalizing base, your choice of chic, sheer colour and top coat for just one week, and see your nails restored to prime condition.”

Post Gel Break don’t go back to just any gel, try OPI GelColor! You can use our salonfinder to check out the nearest salon to you that offers GelColor manicures here

View the GelBreak collection here