Meet the new face of Infinite Shine, Pyper America Smith

Her exhuberant personality and inner glow make musician, model and aspiring actress, Pyper America Smith, the perfect representative for OPI’s new Infinite Shine collection of professional long-wear lacquers, in 30 of OPI’s most iconic shades which will be out in the UK at the end of October!

Recently Pyper took a time-out from her Infinite Shine shoot to talk fashion, color and being true to you. Read below for more!


Can you describe your personal style?

My style is a little bit tomboyish actually. But recently I’ve bought more dresses. I’m really into bomber jackets. I like easy stuff to wear, but I still like to look strong. And I like black clothing.


What’s your perfect nail color? 

I always like a nice black. If it’s matte or I can get a matte top coat, that’s really cool. I also like nude a lot and grey. I choose my shades by my mood. If I want to be flirty I think red and warm tones are very sexy. But if I’m feeling strong or mature, I’l go for a beige or nude. That’s very classy.

Do you have a daily beauty regime? 

I just like to look fresh. Clean my face and moisturize. i like using coconut oil a lot. I use it for hair masks and all over body moisturizer. I wear a lot of makeup at photo shoots so I like to give my face a rest. I curl my eyelashes and wear mascara every day.

What excites you about working with OPI?

OPI was already the brand I went to before I started working with them. That’s the real truth. Because it doesn’t chip and it dries really well. I only have to do one or two coats most of the time. That’s what I really appreciate.

What does Infinite Shine mean to you?

Infinite Shine means that it doesn’t stop. It’s always shining. Whether it’s you, or this nail polish (because you know it’s always shining), or your attitude. To me shining is something very positive. If you’re infinitely shining, you’re infinitely showing people who you are. I think that’s really important because you’re the only person who is you.

After meeting new people, what impression do you hope to leave?

I want people to think I made them feel good and made them laugh. I always want people to feel like they can be confident and they can be themselves. I always think that’s really important. Just do you. Shine and love yourself.

The Infinite Shine Iconic shades will be available at at the end of October.